Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Inside Information: How To Profit By Sharing Your Expertise

By: Robert Boduch

Sharing inside information can boost your sales. It can make your business much more profitable too, since valuable information can be supplied at very little cost.

Quality, timely, relevant, and important information helps prospects and customers make intelligent decisions. The right information makes it a whole lot easier to choose with confidence. Providing additional ideas, advice, insights and resources is a great way to distinguish your product - and your company - from competitors.

What inside information of value can you provide to help your customers and prospects?

Helpful tips, inside secrets, and other creative ideas help to establish your expertise in the marketplace. When you give away this kind of inside information, you create tremendous value that's appreciated by customers. These people feel compelled to show their gratitude by continuing to buy from you, time and time again.

Offering valuable inside information is easier than you may think. Simply look at each product you supply and figure out what collateral information prospects would like to know.
In other words, if you were a salesperson standing in front of your prospect, what additional information of interest could you offer her?

To sell a solid cherry dining room suite from a showroom floor, you'd want to explain the exquisite finish and how to preserve that "new" look. You would point out the quality joinery used to secure the frame to the table legs. You might even open a china cabinet drawer to demonstrate the built-in quality, smooth running hardware and fine craftsmanship that went into it. It's all inside information.

These are precious details that help educate potential buyers. It's information that might otherwise go unnoticed...  yet it could be the kind of detail that just might clinch the sale. Pointing out all this inside information helps buyers feel good about the true value of their purchase. It's something they could have easily missed, had it not been brought to their attention.

This kind of detailed inside information is of interest to potential customers and it's something that could easily be incorporated into a free brochure, booklet, report or videotape. It also adds perceived value to the product itself by establishing an exclusive "story" behind it. Don't just give them sales talk of hard-sell sales copy. Give them the facts - good, solid, inside information about what it is makes your product a better buy.

Here are some additional examples of using inside information to inform and educate prospects - and increase sales as a result:

A hardware store could offer a free booklet called "How To Refinish Old Furniture Like A Restoration Pro" to all buyers of furniture repair and refinishing items. This added value item -- offered exclusively -- should help boost sales of refinishing supplies. It's inside information that could only be provided by someone who has done it before.

A travel agent could offer personalized commentary on popular destinations in article format. "The 10 Must-See Spots In Las Vegas"... "The Top 7 Hottest Clubs In Nassau That Only The Locals Know About"...  or, "11 Spectacular Sites Of Costa Rica You've Just Got To See At Least Once In Your Lifetime" might be great topics for niche market vacationers. If you fit the market profile and were planning a trip, wouldn't you at least be curious about this promising inside information?

If you plan to give your information away freely, prepare it as you would a salable product. Don't scrimp on quality in terms of both content and appearance. When an information product "looks" like something of value - it is. When you offer your report or booklet free with purchase, it's much more likely to act as an incentive to the sale.

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Robert Boduch is the author of more than 2 dozen books, reports and guides on the art and science of selling. Article Source

Monday, 18 September 2017

Business Intelligence - Accelerate Your Business Performance

By: Ramakrishnan

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of gathering information from the business.  The gathered business information is transformed into knowledge using business intelligence.  To run the business successfully one should have the comprehensive business knowledge and understanding of your business strengths and its weakness. In business intelligence will take into account the internal and external factors of a business. Business intelligence will ease the decision making process, helps in understanding the customer taste, market trends.

Business Intelligence Definition
The basic definition of Business intelligence is defined as "the process of gathering information about a business or industry matter; BI is a broad range of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data thereby that help to managers make business decisions."

Business Intelligence Includes What
Business intelligence (BI) includes software applications, technologies and analytical methodologies that perform data analysis. Business intelligence covers data mining, Web mining, text mining, reporting and querying, OLAP, and data visualization.

Knowledge Management Is Part of Business Intelligence
Knowledge management is one of the methods in Business intelligence. Knowledge management has been defined as "the technique and tools for capturing, storing, organizing, and making knowledge" Business intelligence is driven by an objective laid by the company. The duration of the objective may be short period or long period.

Business Intelligence Software
Identifying and understanding business opportunities in today's vast business environment requires far more than an understanding of technology trends. Business software helps the business management to access up-to-date and accurate information about the business performance. Identifying and understanding business opportunities in this vast business environment requires far more than an understanding of technology trends.

OLAP powerful BI Software
The most popular business intelligence tool is OLAP (Online Analytical Processing). OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is a powerful, Business Intelligence & enterprise reporting application for small and medium organizations with the capacity to fully Integrate Enterprise Information.

OLAPBrowser delivers incredible reporting power. Create global and enterprise information delivery systems, executive information Systems and personal analytical application.

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Ramki is with Axsellit Technologies ( Business Software. Axsellit Software delivers professional, benefit-enriched business solutions with an unbeatable performance-to-price ratio. Axsellit Technologies provides Business Intelligence Software Article Source

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Convert Visitors Into Repeat Buyers

By: Josh Allen
I'm going to start this off with the most essential mindset; I believe this to be the number one business-saving, money-generating rule. I call this the SGT method.

SGT Method

Sgt. Common Sense wants YOU ...  to Stop your Greedy Tactics! With your own personal gain in mind for business decisions you'll get nowhere but a deceiving sense of success. Here's a small example for you to consider ...

A business owner starts an online website hosting company. He spends $1000 USD/month in advertising to the general public through Google Ad-words. His first month he gains 200 paid clients at $24.95 USD/month revenue. With these new clients, he's gaining $4990 a month in revenue, $3990 in pure profit! Amazing!

He continues with his business plan, but decides to upgrade a few of his services. His adviser tells him that he needs to put funding into support services for his clients; this will cost $500 a month and should support 1000 clients. Ignoring his adviser, he throws another $2000 into monthly advertising with Google.

Now here comes the part where you should pay attention ...  The business owner is looking at short term when he should be looking long term.

Month Two:
Advertising Costs : $3000 USD
Tech Support Costs : $0 USD (NO SUPPORT)
Clients (end of month) : 750 (200 + 550 for new month)

Business Owner: "We're doing GREAT! LOOK at the GROWTH!"

What's he forgetting? COMMON SENSE! If you don't take care of your current clients, how could you possibly take care of future one's?

Month Three:
Advertising Costs : $6000 USD
Tech Support Costs : $0 USD (NO SUPPORT)
Clients (end of month) : 1000 (750 + 250 for new month)

Incoming clients are now down 300. Why? Because 300 of his current clients left due to lack of support. This does not account for his clients that signed up, couldn't transfer over and demanded refunds. This could also put a freeze on the business owner's merchant account, costing him even more money.

Lesson? Take care of the clients you DO have.

Here's why, and this may come as a shock to you but you may not have to pay another cent in advertising, ever again.

"Josh, what the heck are you talking about?" - Confused Reader

It's simple, word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most powerful, and most cost effective method of advertising that is on the planet Earth. What is a better way to advertise, you tell me:

1) You pay $1000 in Google AdWords and gain 200 clients.
2) You pay $0 and gain 100 clients

Good question, is it not? Hint: I would say 100 clients for $0 would take the cake out of those choices. 100 clients for free?!? Sign me up!

Now here's another question. What sounds better out of these two?

A web surfer looking for a website to visit that will assist him with home gardening goes to Google, and types in "home gardening".  He looks at the links and has his attention caught by ...  what ends up being hundreds of possible assisting sites. But have no fear! After all, we're sponsoring the keywords with Google AdWords, right?

Guess what ...  the buyer most likely won't buy from a website that he/she has never heard of before. So he/she calls his friends asking if they have heard of your website with a do-it-yourself guide. He call's his friend John, who replies with,

"No, I haven't heard of that one ...  but I know of a good guide that we used for our garden, it worked wonders. Jill said she would have bought two times over, and subscribed to their mailing list for future ideas and tips. Now they send us a new tip every week, it's great! The website address is www dot ... "

What just happened here happens daily to EDUCATED shoppers. These shoppers are the kinds of people you want to purchase from you / sign up for your information. They realize that if they get one good nugget of information from you or a great product, they can get more. This goes back to the term in the introduction, they become a repeat customer.

Here's the best part:

You don't pay more to get them back. Your advertising money went even FURTHER than one sale with this one!
Your .20 per click just generated $50, $100, $150 or even THOUSANDS in sales! This also doesn't count everyone that this one person talks to about your products.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks. You won't become an overnight millionaire with this method. It takes time for word of mouth to properly work. But when it does, boy is it a beauty!

Bottom line to create a FREE advertising empire ...

Treat your clients the best that you can. It's a NECESSITY!

Personally, I believe that two years worth of work that will create thousands a month in revenue is worth the time. Of course, if you're impatient, thousands in advertising costs work too...

The bottom line of the SGT method is that if you treat your clients well, it's the best advertising method you can get!

SGT Recap

When Used Properly, you have an advertising team that ...

+ Is Extremely Effective
+ Pays YOU to advertise YOUR products!
+ Will WANT to advertise YOUR products!
+ Spreads with VIRAL EFFECT when done right.
+ Does the work for you ...  and you get paid for it.

Does that sound like something you want? A free advertising empire that wants to advertise for you, and pays you to do so. It certainly sounds like something I want for my products.

Now let's go over the methods to turn visitors into repeat clients. The first one I'm going to present to you is the ...

The Triple R Method

Ah, the Triple R Method. These can be the most effective method when utilized correctly. This helps turn your website from a information site into a money-generating machine.

Let's get to this Triple R method:


Common sense but most businesses do not employ this method to better their futures in the online market. If a business owner keeps these in mind when they create a business and the business's website/content, they will have a 75% better chance they're next business will be as successful or more successful at converting sales and keeping clients.

I'm going to put the Triple R method into plain English and explain each point. Hopefully you'll see the power in making you're contact points with these in mind.

Your website, cover letter, or point of contact needs to be easy to read. It needs to contain simple English as well as easy to understand sentences. In general, it needs to have a good, basic, understandable format. If a user that knows nothing about your service or product reads your advertisement (or 'pitch') page and has no clue what you're talking about, how will you get the sale?

All of the content that you present to your potential clients or subscribers needs to be put in the simplest English possible. Let me put it this way: have someone that knows NOTHING about the subject check it for readability, understandability and coherence. If someone that has no clue what you're selling can have a general understanding of the product by the time they reach the order page, you have succeeded.

Reliability is key. Your information that you sell must be consistent. The methods you give must be logical and easy to follow over and over. If you're a service-based company, the services you offer must be able to compete with the industry standard. For example, I'll use website hosting.

If you're a website host and you offer hosting, one of the main selling points that usually seals the deal is the uptime guarantee. The industry standard is around 99.5% or 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you can offer this, you'll gain a lot more sales from mission-critical clients. Mission-critical means one main thing, more money that consistently flows from the source month after month into your pocket.

If you have the choice between starting with a reseller from your 12 year old neighbor that's in school every day (and handles support himself) and another host that does the job full time, choose the full time. Will it be more expensive? Most likely. Will it handle more of the hassle itself? Yes. Remember, if you put a little more money in return for better quality it will give you less hassle. The company could practically run itself, with the exception of support, of course.

Reliability can either make or break a company. Great reliability will put the word of mouth method into full swing, and will gain you a lot more clients than you're paying in advertising costs. You wouldn't complain about getting clients for free, would you? I didn't think so.

Reusability is the number one key to any project that you do. Unless it's a membership site, and possibly even if it is, it needs to be able to be re-used. Think about it in the following example regarding niche markets:

You have identified a niche market you want to start a business in. You launch your eBook site and subscription service around the niche, and impact the market hard. Now it's come to keep adding content and maintain the site. But now you stumble across yet another niche, which looks even more untapped and amazingly profitable. What will you do?

a) Design another website for it, code a site, etc...
b) Jump right in, your first niche site is a template and reusable!
c) Be sorry about not templating, and spend hours doing option A, once again.

Think about it! You spend an extra hour or two on the first site making it reusable and able to be duplicated, in return for hours saved on each and every website you launch after it. Imagine that you launch hundreds or thousands of websites ...  that's how many hours unless it's templated? See the point?

Reusability will not only save you time, but if you do it right from the start it will also guarantee your success. If you spend hours looking into Search Engine Optimization and making the site comply with the backbone rules of success, you only have to do it once! There's software out there right now called that's helped thousands of people achieve success over the titans throughout Google. Here's an example of what can do.

Think of everyone out there that searches for the term "work from home" in Google. How many sites do you believe there are containing or even focusing in on that term? According to the testimonial from a loyal customer of there were 468,000,000 at the time of his using the software. He obtained the #1 spot in Google for "work from home". Think of how much Return for his Investment he got from that software. One time payment of $176 USD, to return a flood of FREE DAILY TRAFFIC to his site to earn him more money. Wouldn't you say that's worth the investment?

HVP - High Value Products

Your products MUST have a perceived value. If it doesn't FEEL like it's worth anything, it won't be purchased. Think about it. If you sell a guide to making thousands of dollars for $5, why would people buy it? "It's a quick buck Josh, come on!" NO. If it were a proven method he would want a heck of a lot more than $5 for the guide.

If I gave you the choice right now between a $5 ticket to your local high school football game and a $75 dollar sixth-row ticket to your local NFL team's game, which would you choose? The key behind this is perceived value.

Have you ever heard the classic talk between a husband and wife on TV where the wife buys something and her reasoning is "for $xxx.xx it has to be good!". It's like open source software. Most companies won't use open source software because they think it has a problem. "If they're not charging for it, there has to be a problem with it." See the reasoning behind perceived value?

Ok, here's the kicker. If you're sitting there right now going: "Josh, you gave me this guide for free. What's that say about it?" send me an e-mail and I'll explain why it's free. E-mail me at Josh-_-__at_-_-_HowToMakeMoneyWithA)dot(com and I'll gladly answer you as soon as I receive your e-mail.

Until next time,
Josh Allen

Author Bio
A young entrepreneur from Maryland, Josh from has been studying psychology and business since his early teens. Armed with technology and a willingness to succeed, he is willing to share his techniques with the masses.Article Source

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Use Your Time And Dollars Wisely On Advertising!!

By: Paras Shah
As a business owner, every dollar you spend is a dollar right out of your pocket. This affects your profit margin and revenues. This can be especially difficult if it comes at a time when you're trying to grow your business. If you're going to succeed, you have to pay close attention to your bottom line and look for creative, innovative ways to cut costs while still getting what you need. Almost everyone is chasing search engine to increase traffic to their website.

In order to increase your online business traffic, it requires appropriate advertising to make the business popular. As your online business is overcrowded into the world wide web along with thousands of others selling the same product or service as yourself. Search engines have the potential to deliver a deliver a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website. There are 3 basic areas to consider for efficient use of your money when it comes to getting traffic to your website.

1. Use proper keywords to target to draw traffic back to your primary website. 2. Use Google's pay-per-click program matching with targeted keywords. 3. Use proper content on your website's homepage.

Pay-per-click programs are an excellent way to advertise your business without taking a risk that you have advertised in the wrong place. With pay-per-click, you can advertise you site and only pay for those who click the link and go to your site.You must spend adequate time and effort to research and generate a list of relevant and effective keywords. If you are promoting your own product you can always reinvest your earnings to continue your campaign and grow your income.

There is another option for drawing traffic to your website is based on the use of custom written articles and other targeted content. You can use your budget to have some unique articles written on your favorite key topics, but this can be very expensive and time consuming. Articles such as these can be submitted to article directories.

Imagine hundreds of new articles each month on a topic of your choice...articles that you can use just as if you had written them yourself! And of course PL content can be added directly to your own website or used in a variety of other ways for drawing traffic like post in forum, blogs, press release, etc.

Your goal should be to find a balanced mix of online and offline advertising. This will go a long way towards getting the greatest bang for your advertising buck! Be sure to explore your options and use your time and money wisely in the process.With a little creativity you will be maximizing your profits while minimizing your expenses. Author Bio Paras Shah Online Pixel Advertising - Web Design - Articles - Classifieds - Pixel Ads - Search Engine Optimization
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Friday, 8 September 2017

Corporate Branding - Will they remember you?

By: Tyson Fenech
In today's market selling quantity seems to be the rule of the day. Slap together something quick and don't worry about what flies out the door, it doesn't even matter who the purchasers are.

Companies who focus on branding will stand out amongst the crowd. Why? They have recognized that most buyers' especially online buyers need confidence in doing business with an established entity. Nothing shows your commitment to your business like a well developed branding strategy. Having a great logo is the first major step towards cultivating this development. Sure there are plenty of "out-of-the-box" logo solutions and the prices are more than appealing to a business that doesn't recognize the value of their corporate image.

The Difference

Why should you spend more than $300 on a logo? Would you buy a car for $1000? Chances are if you do you'll be paying a lot more for maintenance and the headaches it will bring. You always get what you pay for. This can't be stressed enough. If you are willing to sabotage your business from the very beginning by neglecting the image you portray to your potential clients, that logo will be costing you a lot more than you're willing to invest. A professional Graphic Designer will invest a lot of time, researching to produce a logo that is truly unique (vital to branding and making your mark) and introduce you to a solid first step in Branding your company as a powerful entity. A logo is further enhanced by the elements built around it. With everything related to design, everything should be custom made, now more so than ever because the competition for capital is increasing. You have to be better than your competitors in as many ways possible.

For the young start-up company, budgets may disallow you the option of working with a professional designer. There are plenty of great designers out there that won't gouge your pocket book but be certain that they are capable of creating exactly what you want and that they have the experience to expand upon the logo design provided. You want someone who is business savvy and has demonstrated their applied knowledge. They must be able to foresee the bigger picture. The success of your business rests on this.

Putting it Together

Generally speaking the more experienced the designer the higher the rates charged. With the experience you will usually get a product that has been developed and refined over time. A veteran Graphic Designer will be designing with the big picture in mind taking your investment dollars further. The numbers quoted are relative to what they generate, a client will be happy to invest money when they see return. If the image developed for them attracts customers price becomes secondary. Recognize the value of your image and take your logo very seriously. As human beings we are visual.

For the long haul

Generally a business that has quality services to offer and takes their image seriously will understand the value of investing in professional design. Most successful businesses know how much they must devote to marketing in order to generate the sales they desire. Those marketing dollars will be more effective if your Branding approach was cultivated properly. If you take your business seriously chances are you'll attract the same. How do you want to be viewed?

A Bit about the Logo

For the most part focus was placed on the business mentality rather than the logo itself. There are different types of logos. Many large corporations utilize strictly text or abbreviations. Companies like DELL, IBM, RCA, ABB, etc. Text logos are very popular and are easily integrated across the Branding board. Iconic treatments are also utilized by many businesses. An icon can be very powerful in identifying a company. Take Apple or Nike for example. Using imagery is a very powerful strategy in branding. Symbols guide us in our lives and daily activities. Icons can be very simple and clean to more complex utilizing gradients and simulated 3D. Illustrative (beyond iconic) is less frequently used but can work effectively for companies that usually want to portray a timelessness or "natural" homey feeling typically found on a bottle of tomato sauce or organic potato chips.

Everything outlined above can dictate the price of your logo. The logo is a powerful aspect of your company. It should take time to create and will require much attention if it is to create a powerful Branding strategy. Be sure that the logo designer of choice is willing to provide you with mock ups and multiple revisions and is willing to help take your company to the next level.

Author Bio
Tyson Fenech is the Creative Director for Core Creative Concepts. Designing web sites and print materials for the past 7 years helping both small startups and Fortune 500 companies. Article Source

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Introduction to Trade Show Booths

By: Rob Dougan
Trade show booths come in an array of styles and designs that will show off your products, your services or your company in an unforgettable manner that offers a unique appeal, which is intelligent, chic and contemporary. Most trade show booths are very easy to assemble and transport to make your experience a more enjoyable one.

Choosing the perfect trade show booth to accommodate the products that you wish to display will be very easy once you know just how much room you will have at the trade show and how much material you will be presenting.

A bit of flash and sophistication never hurt a presentation. You only have a few minutes to grab the attention of a potential customer, client, or buyer. As they walk past your trade show booth, you must have something that will draw their attention, whether it is your personality, the products themselves or a very unique design displayed to entice.

To begin with, you should choose a trade show booth that will fit properly with the allotted space you have been assigned. You can choose from 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 20 feet or 20 feet by 20 feet Truss trade show booths. Each one has a compelling appeal that with the right graphics will draw a crowd to your booth. Be sure to get a trade show booth that will hold everything you wish to present without your visitors feeling claustrophobic, clutter will definitely turn them away. They should be able to walk around and through your display without bumping into items and knocking items off counters and shelves.

Remember most people will notice items that are eye level. This is where the main attraction should be. You want the area to be well lit, colorful, and maybe even add some music. You must attract attention just before they get to your booth. If they notice a pleasant, stylish, elegant trade show booth, they will at least stop and look around.

Now, you should start to think about what trade show booth you should purchase. In the 10 feet by 10 feet style, you can choose from the Carina, the Pluto, the Mars, Mercury, Cygnus, Lyra, Castor, and Sirius. All of these styles offer durable steel construction, 2 or 3 tabletops in either lightwood or silver in color, 2 or 3 silver spotlights, and the tools for assembly.

If you believe a 10 foot by 20 foot trade show booth will present your products better then you can decide on some quality and professional looking booths such as the Andromeda which comes complete with 4 tabletops and 5 silver spotlights, the Hydrus with 2 tabletops and 5 silver spotlights, the Venus with 5 tabletops and 4 silver spotlights, the Saturn with 2 tabletops and 5 silver spotlights, the Polaris with 4 tabletops and 5 silver spotlights, and the Arcturus with 4 tabletops and 7 silver spotlights.  Each one of these trade show booths will have potential customers clamoring to your display to see what you are offering.

Next, in line to consider are the 20 foot by 20-foot trade show booths. You may believe these are just too big for your company. Nevertheless, remember you do not want any clutter and you want your guests to be able to walk around and feel comfortable while they are eyeing your products. This size may be the perfect size to display everything you wish without any worries about missing something you believe is an important selling feature. You can choose from Truss trade booths in this size and style that include the Cassiopeia, the Centaurus, the Neptune, the Jupiter, the Vega and the Orion. All have wonderful features that you desire with steel construction and easy to assemble.

Prices for trade show booths may seem a bit expensive, especially if this is your first time being involved in a trade show. But, you must remember trade show booths are an investment. You can use them time and time again and with the quality steel construction, they can last for years to come. Spending the money now to make a statement for your company is a wise decision that can lead to more money and loyal customers in the years to come.

There are also many different accessories that you can add with your trade show booth that will give your company many more options when presenting your services or products to the world. Enjoy setting up your booth and bring in more customers with the perfect trade show booth with a style of elegance, innovation, and style.

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Everything Displays is an online retailer offering a full selection of trade show displays, booths, exhibits, and display accessories.Their website is
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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Are Paid Surveys a Scam?

By: Chris Price
The truth is, you CAN actually get paid to take surveys online. But most of what you see advertised online are not really paid surveys. A paid survey is a study conducted by a market research company to gather information about a certain product or advertisement. Large corporations spend billions of dollars on advertising. They want to know if their ads are working and how the public feels about their products. They hire a market research firm to find out this information. The market research firm has several ways to conduct a study. Some of the most popular ways are product testing, mystery shops, phone surveys(telemarketing), and polls and surveys.

Here is an example:

A large cell phone carrier may have a new product they want to market to women between the age of 18 and 25 who are single and live in a major city. They want to know what services are most wanted by these women. How much they are willing to pay for service, and what type of advertising most gets their attention.

The company would hire a market research company to get this information for them. Each market research company has an online panel. The company may want to survey 5,000 women who match the demographics the cell phone carrier is seeking to market their product to. The research company then emails all of its online panelists and invites them to participate in the study. Each member fills out a short qualifying survey to see if the fit the profile they are looking for. If they do they are asked to particpate in an online survey and told they will receive $10 to complete the survey. It's as simple as that.

The problem is that there are thousands of ads all over the internet that say something like "Coke vs. Pepsi. Take this survey and get a 500 gift card". Once you enter your email address you are then told to sign up for several offers like NetFlix, Aol, etc.. After you sign up for these offers, and sometimes you have to get others to do the same, you can then receive the product. THAT IS NOT A PAID SURVEY. But it's exactly those types of surveys that everyone confuses for "paid surveys" and calls scams.

People are also tricked into paying up to $60 just to get a list of companies that offer paid surveys. Most people think that just by paying the money they will be invited to participate in paid surveys and make lots of money. That is not true. After paying the money to join these sites you then have to sign up for each paid survey panel individually.

There is no valid reason to pay for a list of paid surveys. There are a few good sites online that give this list absolutely free. The paid membership sites are just taking advantage of the fact that most people don't know that. You can easily find a directory of paid surveys by going to and searching for a "Free Paid Surveys Directory".

In order to make any real money from paid surveys you must be registered to several paid survey panels. Joining the top 20 paid survey panels is the first step to getting paid to take surveys online. These are the most popular paid survey panels that send the most frequent paid surveys. There is no one paid survey panel that is going to make you alot of money. But by being a member of the top 20 you can be almost guaranteed to receive at least one paid survey a day. Taking an hour or so to register with them all is well worth it.

The bottom line is, paid surveys are not going to make the average person rich. To make a full time income you would need to be registered with hundreds of paid survey panels so that you can make sure you are always needed by someone and take several surveys a day. But just by being a member of the top 20 it is not unheard of to make a few hundred dollars in a month. Not too bad for something you do in your spare time and doesn't require any investment or commitment.

Author Bio
Chris Price is the current owner of one of the largest free paid survey directories online, Article Source

Inside Information: How To Profit By Sharing Your Expertise

By: Robert Boduch Sharing inside information can boost your sales. It can make your business much more profitable too, since valuable in...